What is the Sabbath School Challenge?

The Sabbath School Challenge is a trivia style multiplayer game. The goal is to quickly and correctly respond to questions related to the Sabbath school lessons. We will be working constantly to improve the environment, diversify the challenges, keep the dynamic, and make it excitingly more interesting by adding new features, competitions, perks, etc…

Do I need to register?

You can see the live questions and respond to them for yourself, but in order to compete against other players and to enjoy the private rooms/competitions you will need to register or login with one of your social network accounts. You will also need an account in order to participate in team competitions.

Can I create my own competition with my friends or family?

We are working on a feature to allow you as player to create a private room/competition and invite your friends and family to it.

Our Focus

Sabbath School is our favorite time in church. Learning, discussing, challenging our spiritual knowledge and experience has been a tremendous blessing for us.
Our focus is on the personal expression, spiritual growth, and friendly environment for sharing, that stimulates personal development.

Our Goal

We want to become a place where you will enjoy coming to challenge your biblical knowledge and spiritual experience.
We want to provide questions that will help bringing the Sabbath school lessons alive and make them more relevant to you.
We want to help you spend quality time with your family, involving entertainment and learning.
We want to promote team building and spiritual social interaction with team competitions.
Our goal is to become this "place" and "tool" for you.

Our Future

We are engaging in an adventure that is new to us, but we are excited by the opportunity to walk this path with you. We depend on you, we want to listen to you, and provide you the features, content, and stimulus that will attract you to engage in this project.
Our future is with Our Lord, but we also want to have fun together as we enjoy learning and growing in Him!