Preparation for the End Time

The Sabbath School Challenge for Quarter 2, 2018

Learn, compete, and advance with achievements in an environment for live competitions! Spiritual growth and education is fun and enriching process, sharing the experience is priceless.

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Take part in building the adventure

Empower us to develop more creative challenges to stimulate the study of the Bible. There are many ways for you to become part of the adventure. To learn more, click below.

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Short Points on the Sabbath School lessons

"Short Points" is a video show, where the hosts Nik and Tsetso are sharing thoughts about the Bible study guides that are used by the Seventh-day Adventists in the so called Sabbath School groups.

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Mobile Apps

Engage from anywhere

You should be able to engage in the Sabbath School Challenge from your favorite device and at your convenience. Through our mobile apps, we are trying to create an environment tailored for you.

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